08 September 2020 - Version 2.1.1
  • Improved: Option to pass number with or without country code to mobile app
  • Improved: Twilio WhatsApp integration
  • Improved: Newsletter compatbility with WC Billing Phone
  • Fixed: 2factor gateway issue
  • Fixed: MimSMS BD portal not working
  • Fixed: User consent causing crash when WC not installed
  • Fixed: Tracking placeholder crash in some sites
  • Fixed: # rendering with placeholder
25 May 2020 - Version 2.1
  • New: Shortcode for edit phone field
  • New: ExpertTexting Gateway
  • New: Route option for contact forms
  • New: Message encoding option for custom gateway
  • Improved: Nonce verification getting failed in Newsletter subscription form in some cases
  • Fixed: WhatsApp Business App not opening from WPNotif App
  • Fixed: Custom gateway not working when post data is sent as string
  • Fixed: WhatsApp Business not working for Manual SMS trigger
  • Fixed: Custom placeholder not working for guest checkout fields
  • Fixed: Gravity forms admin notifications not working in rare cases
9 May 2020 - Version 2.0
  • New: SMS/WhatsApp Newsletter
  • New: Mobile App
  • New: Send SMS from your existing Phone plan
  • New: 110+ New SMS Gateways
  • New: Multivendor/Marketplace Support (all plugins)
  • New: User Groups
  • New: Phone Subscription Form
  • New: New Post Notifications
  • New: Contact Form 7 submission notifications
  • New: Gravity Forms submission notifications
  • New: Trigger WhatsApp messages using our app
  • New: WC Product Low and out of stock notifications
  • New: Recurring newsletter
  • New: Option to select specific admin/user for admin notification
  • New: 20+ predefined placeholders
  • New: Option to keep consent checkbox checked by default
  • New: Default country code option
  • New: RTL support in template boxes
  • Improved: Performance
  • Improved: RTL support
  • Improved: Translations
  • Improved: SMS template box is now resizable
  • Fixed: On/Off switch getting translated
  • Fixed: Quick SMS not working for store manager
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated jquery API from settings
  • Fixed: Issues with some SMS Gateways
  • Fixed: Admin bar getting hidden in Frontend when WhatsApp enabled
  • Fixed: Linebreak not working in WhatsApp Pending messages
6 February 2020 - Version 1.8
  • New: Clear all and delete WhatsApp Web Pending list
  • New: SMS triggers for guest checkout
  • Improved: Removed html tags in message
  • Improved: Zero width character issues with tracking link
  • Improved: Login SMS priority given to Digits phone field
  • Fixed: & converting to amp in url in WhatsApp Web
  • Fixed: Custom order status not triggering in rare conditions
  • Fixed: Regsitration message not working with Digits one click
  • Fixed: WhatsApp web getting triggered even when turned off in some cases
19 December 2019 - Version: 1.7
  • New: Low Stock notification
  • New: Out of Stock notification
  • Fixed: Registration message not working with Digits one click
  • Fixed: Custom order status notification not working in some cases
  • Fixed: WhatsApp Web getting triggered on manual trigger when turned off
26 November 2019Version: 1.6
  • New: Date added to WhatsApp Web Pending Messages
  • New: User Signup and Login notifications
  • New: Password change notifications
  • New: 8 New WordPress profile fields placeholders
  • New: 1 New WooCommerce shortcode
  • New: ibulksms SMS gateway
  • New: Alfa Cell SMS gateway
  • New: Amazon Pinpoint SMS gateway
  • New: SendInBlue SMS Gateway
  • Fixed: Frontend console warning when WhatsApp Web enabled
  • Fixed: Twilio manual trigger SMS not sending
  • Fixed: Yunpian not working
  • Fixed: Site background getting changed for admin
15 October 2019Version: 1.5.2
  • Improved: Loading icon when testing gateway
  • Improved: Translations
  • Fixed: Crashing when using Alphacell/
  • Fixed: Translation issues in WP Admin panel
  • Fixed: Background getting changed for admin accounts
21 August 2019Version: 1.5.1
  • Improved: Dashboard menu item out of WooCommerce
  • Fix: Quick SMS only taking 2 characters
8 August 2019Version: 1.5
  • New: SMS gateway
  • Improved: Line break support in WhatsApp Web
  • Improved: MSG91 integration
  • Improved: Updated API
  • Fixed: Same library used by other plugin conflicts
24 July 2019Version: 1.4
  • New: Placeholder for item names and count {{wc-product-name-count}}
  • New: Gateway Amazon SNS
  • New: Gateway Ghasedak
  • New: Gateway Farapayamak
  • Fixed: Pending list not working when not in admin panel
  • Fixed: Placeholder list button missing from fields
  • Fixed: Database issue with some character set
  • Fixed: select2 conflict
19 July 2019Version: 1.3.1
  • Improved: WC Shipping Tracking now support shipping link
18 July 2019Version: 1.3
  • New: WhatsApp Web (Free) Integration
  • New: 100% GDPR compatible
  • Fixed: SMS option not getting turned off
2 July 2019Version: 1.2
  • New: Hooks to change message value from external function
29 June 2019Version: 1.1
  • New: Array value support in custom placeholder
  • New: postmeta support in custom placeholder
27 June 2019Version: 1.0.1
  • Fixed: WhatsApp API test button producing error
26 June 2019Version: 1.0
  • New: Initial Release